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Description : Twin Toilets hire

Twin Toilets from 1300ENSUITES. Available Australia Wide Product Length 4200 mm
Product Width 2300 mm
Product Height 2800 mm
Product Weight 1200 kg (dry weight)
Product Weight 1800 kg (wet wight)

The twin toilet is solar powered; however, it also has a battery and electrical connection if required. It is a self-sufficient unit and does not require the water, septic or sewer system on the property.

The twin toilet features porcelain toilets, a hand basin and a mirror for those last minute checks! Perfect for garden weddings, outdoor events and vineyard concerts! A twin toilet would be suitable for about 70 to 80 persons comfortably for a 6 to 8 hour event.

All units are subject to availability. A signed hire agreement and a deposit payment secures your hire.

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  • Standard sink unit with pillar tap
  • Standard dust bin unit
  • Mirror – 600 x 400 x 4mm
  • Sensor soap dispenser
  • 2 roll toilet paper holder
  • Sensor cut hand towel dispenser.
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Nil x Power Points
  • 2 x Aluminium Steps : Hinged Platform Design
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Grab Handles : At each entry door
  • Lockable centre compartmentdoor access : on both sides
  • Lockable filter / pump access: located at front
  • Non-Slip Floor

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Site Requirements

  • Adequate Access :
    • Height : 3m (approx)
    • Width : 5m (approx)
    • Length : 10m (approx)
  • Location : Level Ground to position the Twin Toilet Mobile Bathroom
    • Similar to a caravan or camper van
  • Power : 220VAC input
    • Also suitable for sites using Portable Generators
    • Auxiliary Battery (Battery Monitor - With Housing)
  • Lights :
    • 1 x exterior light (12V)
    • 1 x fluorescent/ LED per cubicle (12V)
  • Council Restrictions
    • None apply if on owners own property
    • A permit may be required from your local council for specific areas such as public places.
    • The customer needs to organise the council permits.
  • Care of Duty
    • Onus is on customer or a forfeit of bond may occur.
    • Must be located AWAY from Flames, Fire and significant sources of heat.
    • Foreign objects placed in the toilet can cause blockage or damage

Ask us about any special requirements you may have.

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