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Description : Luxury Portable Toilet hire

Portable Toilets from 1300ENSUITES. Available Australia Wide Product Length 1200 mm (approx)
Product Width 1200 mm (approx)
Product Height 2300 mm (approx)
Product Weight 160 kg (dry weight - approx)
Product Weight 500-600 kg (wet wight - approx)

The Portable Toilets available from 1300ENSUITES are high quality construction and available in several configurations to suit different uses, sites and requirements.

Both the Portable Chemical Toilet and the Premium Dual Flush Portable Toilets are constructed from durable, double skinned plastic panels. The double skinned design improves thermal insulation. Intelligent design make enough room to sit, stand and move around without becoming entangled in feet or garments. Quality materials and components improve reliability of the unit and experience of clients and patrons.

Both the portable chemical toilet and the premium dual flush portable toilets are mounted on a rigid skid plate for easy unloading and/or positioning with a fork lift.

Delivered and presented clean and hygienic, they are more than a step above the builder's toilets normally associated with portable chemical or sewer connect toilets and certainly give a professional presence to your site and site and clients.

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The Portable Chemical Toilet has a fully moulded interior with

  • a moulded full sized corner pan
  • a moulded cold water wash basin
  • a non slip floor
  • a translucent roof
  • a metal door mounted mirror
  • self closing door
  • lockable door

The Premium Dual Flush Toilet

  • a full size, dual flush ceramic pan
  • a quality ceramic, reasonably sized wash basin
  • a non slip floor
  • a translucent roof
  • a metal door mounted mirror
  • self closing door
  • lockable door

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Site Requirements

  • Adequate Access :
    • Toilets
      • Width : 1200mm (approx)
      • Length : 1200mm (approx)
      • Height : 2300mm (approx)
    • Delivery Trucks
      • 7m long x 2.4m wide
  • Location : Stable flat ground. Preferably concrete or dry ground and as level as possible.
  • Power : None Required
  • Lights : None. Battery powered LED Light can be supplied upon request
  • Water :
    • Chemical Toilet : 50litre tank for handwash basin.
    • Premium Dual Flush
  • Waste Disposal :
    • Chemical Toilet : Requires Pump Out Service
    • Premium Dual Flush : Sewer IPO Outlet or Septic Connection Point
  • Weight :
    • Dry Weight : 160kg (No Water. No Waste)
    • Wet Weight : 500kg-600kg (Approx - Full)
  • Council Restrictions
    • None apply if on owners own property
    • A permit may be required from your local council for specific areas such as public places.
    • The customer needs to organise the council permits.
  • Care of Duty
    • Onus is on customer or a forfeit of bond may occur.
    • Must be located AWAY from Flames, Fire and significant sources of heat.
    • Foreign objects placed in the toilet can cause blockage or damage

Ask us about any special requirements you may have.

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