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Description : Luxury Mobile Bathroom hire

Luxury Mobile bathroom from 1300ENSUITES. Available Australia Wide Product Length 4050 mm
Product Width 2650 mm (Outside wheel guard to outside wheel guard)
Product Height 2650 mm (NOTE : 200mm ground clearance to sump)
Product Weight number 700 Kg (dry weight. 50Kg Ball Weight)
Product Weight number kg (wet wight)
We describe our Luxury Mobile Bathroom as a fibreglass horse float containing a full size bathroom with quality fittings. Inside is spacious with a full size domestic dual flush toilet, a full size shower with shower screen opposite a large, clean vanity and mirror. It is literally a full size bathroom that you can move around and position when and where you need one. There is more than enough room to feel comfortable for one or more person.

Outside is a sleek and modern design that is not out of place in front of thousands of people in a public arena, or in your yard at home. With adjusters and stabilisers like a caravan or camper van, the Mobile Bathroom is level, stable and secure when you are inside.

Unique in the Australian Mobile and Portable Bathroom industry, there is no holding tank on board. Waste and Grey Water is taken away from the Mobile Bathroom and disposed of in a nearby septic tank or sewer point. That means there are no smells, and no chemicals required.

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  • Width : 2260mm (outside wheel guard to outside wheel guard)
  • Height :2650mm (NOTE : 200mm (ground clearance to sump)
  • Length : 4050mm (tow ball to back step)
  • Weight : 700Kg (50Kg Ball Weight)
  • No Holding Tanks. No Chemicals. No Smells
  • 50 litre electric hot water system
  • Full size shower
  • Full size Dual Flush domestic toilet
  • Double Power Point for hairdryers etc.
  • Bright flourescent lighting
  • Exhaust fan
  • Heaters (where available - Southern States)
  • Air Conditioning or Pop-Top Ventilation (where available)
  • Feminine Hygiene Bin (Where Available)

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Site Requirements

  • Adequate Access
    • Width : 2260mm (outside wheel guard to outside wheel guard)
    • Height :2650mm (NOTE : 200mm (ground clearance to sump)
    • Length : 4050mm (tow ball to back step)
  • Level Ground to position the Mobile Bathroom
    • Similar to a caravan or camper van
  • Power : 2 standard 10A power points for
    • Lights and Heater (where available)
    • 50litre electric hot water service
  • Water : Mains pressure water from a domestic garden tap.
    • Tank water can be used (Gravity Feed or Pump)
  • Waste Disposal : Sewer IPO Outlet or Septic Connection Point
    • Can be up to 50 metres away from the Mobile Bathroom
  • Weight : 700Kg (50Kg Ball Weight)
  • Council Restrictions
    • None apply if on owners own property
    • A permit may be required from your local council for specific areas such as public places.
    • The customer needs to organise the council permits.
  • Care of Duty
    • Onus is on customer or a forfeit of bond may occur.
    • Must be located AWAY from Flames, Fire and significant sources of heat.
    • Foreign objects placed in the toilet can cause blockage or damage

Ask us for any special requirements you may have.

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