Who we are

1300ENSUITES Australia are the Leaders in the Australian Luxury Mobile Bathroom hire industry. We are small businesses joining together to make big waves when it comes to luxury Mobile and Portable Bathroom hire.

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Where we are

1300ENSUITES Australia are available Australia wide in most capital cities and some rural regions. We are always looking for more people to join the team.

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What solutions we have

1300ENSUITES Australia offer you or your clients luxury bathroom products, convenience, cost savings and a point of difference when supplying portable bathroom facilities and amenities.

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How we can help you

1300ENSUITES Australia is made up of dedicated and professional members that supply you with industry leading service, products and solutions.

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1300ENSUITES Australia

1300ENSUITES. Leaders in the Australian Luxury Mobile Bathroom Hire Industry


1300Ensuites are suppliers of quality bathroom hire equipment / units / ensuites / facilities to suit the most discerning customers and needs.

Ideal for any number of uses including renovations, marquee events and weddings, long term remote, rural and country building projects and where short term facilities are required – such as special events where the number of guests may exceed the capacity of the venue.

Available Australia wide for almost any situation imaginable we can cater to small intimate and practical uses up to large corporate event where professional services, support and amenities will make your next event relaxed and successful.

Each unit is presented cleaned and maintained to ensuites a reliable and pleasant experience from the moment you call 1300Ensuites right through to the time we come and collect the units at the end of your hire.